Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Mom Dumpling House

Perth people LOVE to talk about food. So while I was meeting up with a friend over in Melbourne, at Chin Chin no less, we got to talking about dumplings in Perth. Well, more like the distinct lack of good dumplings Perth has to offer.

The dim sum is pretty fair over in Perth but what I am always looking for is straight up dumplings. I love them and every Chinese restaurant we go to, I always try one dumpling dish, usually xiǎo lóng bāo, and thus far I have been sorely disappointed.

So, during our animated conversation, my lovely friend offered up the answer to my dumpling prayers...Mom Dumpling House.

We hopped over the river one night and service was friendly straight away. It wasn't very busy, which concerned us a bit, but nice to not have to wait.

Ignoring the distinct lack of crowds, we focused on our priority. Dumplings! And there were a good few choices. But another dish caught out eye, the oxtongue salad. This may sound strange but the combination of the spicy sauce with the the cucumber, slivers of buttery cold tongue, topped with crunchy nuts is heavenly. The tongue is surprisingly tender and I would recommend this to anyone that wants to venture into the delights of offal.

And the dumplings? We chose the pan fried pork dumpling and the steamed chive, pork & shrimp dumpling, along with some vegetables to keep it extra healthy. They pretty much all came out together which meant we could enjoy them all at once allowing us to savour our favourites.

And there was much to savour. Aside from dim sum, most places in Perth serve up dumplings that are clearly from a freezer bag. The difference with Mom Dumpling House is that they taste as though they were made fresh, in the hands of an expert.

Try them and you will see what I mean ... and you will never go back to those freezer bag insults they call dumplings elsewhere!

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