Friday, 2 August 2013

Meat Free August

We were in the supermarket a few weeks ago, picking up supplies to make the fish pie I have been craving for nearly a year. I had struggled to find smoked fish, for that all important British taste, but heard my local Coles stocked it.

Needles to say, the fish pie was lovely and I was astounded how cheap it was to buy a load of fish, in comparison to cuts of pork, beef and lamb. We declared we really should eat more fish but we went straight back to meat.

So, with the gluttonous aftermath of a Christmas in July, I decided to set ourselves a challenge to force us to get back into the habit of eating more fish and vegetables. As it was the last day of July I thought 'why not go meat free for August?!'

Day 1 we had pasta with peas, cream and smoked salmon (leftover from Christmas in July) with a little bit of white truffle oil. A classic and enough left for lunch the next day.

Day 2 and we had a night out to the theatre which meant grabbing dinner beforehand. Sushi was the perfect choice for a quick dinner with lots of fish options. We tried a new place and loved it.

But it can't be sushi and smoked salmon every day. I want to use this month to cook fish and seafood I have never cooked before and try lots of different recipes. Not forgetting entirely veggie meals. There are so many gorgeous vegetarian recipes I have marked down in my cook book collection, so now is the time.

Watch this space...

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