Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Ode to my bicycle

For years I lived in London, where bikes are everywhere you look. I thought they were beautiful but I was waaaay to chicken to even venture on the city 'Boris' bikes. But I secretly dreamed... then hopped on the nearest bus...or tube...or taxi.

When I moved to Perth I really struggled with the change in public transport standards. I don't drive (a car is more of a hindrance in London) so I was stuck out in the suburbs. A place where people drive 200 metres just to pick up a bottle of milk.

When we bought our new house, we discovered a cycle path metres from our house which takes me almost all the way to my office. So before we had even moved in I set out on a mission to find a bicycle.

With the gorgeous vintage bikes of Europe still spinning through my head, I knew a classic looking model was for me. I am not one for spandex, so a sport model was a definite no, no. Upon looking for my new bike, however, I was surprised by just how expensive bikes were here. As is often the case in Australia, particularly WA, something that was usually moderately priced in the UK was over three times the price here.

My saviour came in the form of Reid Cycles, an Australian cycle company that sells a whole range of bicycles at fabulous prices and they had the perfect vintage look I was after. Now the bikes aren't top of the range. They aren't going to be winning any races, but beauty contests?! Definitely!

I chose the Vintage Ladies 6 Speed, in red with special edition brown seat and handles. At the time there was no WA store, so I had it shipped over, which meant a little bit of self assembly, but nothing too taxing.

And the result? An everlasting love affair with my shiny new bike. Even the hardcore Lycra clad cyclists that wizz past me shout out "nice bike!", which always makes me smile. It may not be the most practical of bicycles but it brings a smile to my face everyday and even some passing strangers.

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