Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Beaver's Tail Social Club

This place is the cutest little cafe I have ever laid eyes on. Found via Urban Spoon and it just called out to be written about.

Looking for a nice breakfast place in St Kilda, there were a whole heap of suggestions, with established institutions like Galleon. But there was something about Beaver's Tail that caught my interest so we decided to take a gamble.

It's small, but that is the centre of its charm, along with the lovely couple who own and run the place. Every detail is gorgeous, eclectic with a bit of quirky fun. I would want to steal very item in the shop, if the owners weren't so darn lovely.

I have difficulties with caffeine, so I stuck the hot chocolate, which was hands down the best one I've ever had outside of Poland. As a reluctant caffeine abstainer, I always envy the effort that is put into elaborate, heavenly looking coffee, so I was very pleased that Beaver's Tail treat hot chocolate with just as much care and attention.

Mr Pham had a toastie that was lovely and just a little bit fancy. I was overjoyed to see one of my favourite breakfasts, often neglected by many establishment, of boiled egg and soldiers on the menu. To me a soft boiled egg and buttery toast to dip into it are one of life's greatest and simplest of pleasures. The eggs were perfect, which the chef very sweetly checked with me once I had cracked them open.

There is something very special about Beaver's Tail Social Club. It felt like having a lovely breakfast cooked for you by a very dear friend. But I think its most endearing quality was the feeling of a very warm welcome. Not thrown in your face by over zealous staff but from the sense of joy and happiness that resonated in everything, from the d├ęcor, the owners and the food.

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